Resolution Approving Modification of EDGE Project Related Debt (Cree, Inc. Facility)

Supplemental Resolution - Mortgage Recording Tax Exemption Increase - Central Utica Building, LLC Facility

Resolution - Early Termination LT Group, LLC (Hampton Inn)

Resolution - Partial Release of Lease - GBTP Conveyance of Roadways and Utilities

Supplemental Resolution - The Indium Corporation of America

SEQR Resolution - Indium Corporation of America

Authorizing Resolution - GLDC License and Sublease to The Kelberman Center

Authorizing Resolution - GLDC-Cardinal Griffiss Realty 2022 Gas Conversion Project

SEQR Resolution - STD Realty LLC

Authorizing Resolution - RCBRC License to EDGE

Authorizing Resolution - RCBRC Environmental Easement

Final Authorizing Resolution - STD Realty 2022 Facility Expansion

Inducement Resolution - Indium Corporation of America/Woods Park Drive

Resolution to Increase STE - SQ1

Resolution to Extend Period of Agency Appointment - Woodhaven Ventures LLC

Inducement Resolution - McCraith Beverages

Authorizing Resolution Execution of Leasehold Mortgage - GSPP 4575 (Adopted/Unapproved)

Resolution to Extend Period of Agency Appointment - Cold Point (Adopted/Unapproved)

Resolution to Extend Period of Agency Appointment - B240 (Adopted/Unapproved)

Supplemental Resolution - Horsht (Adopted/Unapproved)

Supplemental Resolution - Pivot Solar Verona (Adopted/Unapproved)

Authorizing Resolution - Quiet Meadows 1

Authorizing Resolution - Quiet Meadows 2

Final Authorizing Resolution - SSC Krikland, LLC

CUB Resolution Eminent Domain

Inducement Project Agreement (CUB)

Inducement Project Agreement (SG Oneida)

Central Utica Building Statement of Retail Findings

Central Utica Building SEQR Resolution

RCBRC Easement Resolution

Cold Point Resolution

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